Newsletter nº1_ November 2012

Have a look at the first Newsletter with updated information about the main scientific issues.

Approaching the deadline for submission of papers...

we remind to all the participants who should submit the papers (oral presentation and poster) according the templates posted at

Specialised Short Courses

The three specialised short courses will be launched prior to the Conference (23-24 June 2013). Find all the information about them and the pre-registration procedure at

Confirmed Workshop

Jean-Philippe Steyer

Dr. Jean-Philippe Steyer, Director of the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology in Narbonne (France), is organizing a very interesting workshop: "Microalgae and anaerobic digestion: could light help the dark fermentation?"

Confirmed Workshop

Robbert Kleerebezem

Dr. Robbert Kleerebezem from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) has kindly accepted to be the organizer of a workshop about "AD without Methane?"

Plenary Announced

Rolando Chamy

Dr. Rolando Chamy has accepted to give a plenary speech: Anaerobic Digestion to decrease carbon footprint.

Second call for papers launched!


The second call for papers has been sent. Remember 15 Nov 2012 as deadline for papers submission.

Plenary Announced


Jos Paques has accepted to give a plenary speech on “How to advance from the concept to the industrial application of new technologies”

Plenary Announced


Dr. Lutgarde Raskin has accepted to give a plenary speech on “Microbial ecology of engineered anaerobic bioreactor systems”

Tentative Scientific Programme

A tentative scientific programme is now available on this website (programme section)

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