Lettinga Award

The Lettinga Award, a prize of 25,000 euro, was initiated in 2001 by three Dutch environmental technology suppliers to stimulate the development and implementation of anaerobic treatment technology worldwide. Nowadays, anaerobic technology is considered a mature technology, both for the treatment of wastewater and slurries or solid residues. However, its potential is not yet fully explored and differs strongly between the various countries. Innovations in anaerobic technology are required to unveil new application areas, explore new substrates and new products related to AD technologies.

Accompanying persons

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Dr. Jean-Philippe Steyer. "Microalgae and anaerobic digestion: could light help the dark fermentation?"

Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology-INRA. Narbonne (France)

jean-philippe_steyer_web.thumbnail.jpgWednesday 26th, 18:00-19:00h (Room A - Obradoiro)

Technical visits

Technical visits. Saturday 29th June 2013. (09.00-14.00h)
These visits are optional and are not included in the registration fees. The cost of each is 30€. If you wish to attend please indicate it on your registration form.
Please consider that each visit is limited to 60 people and that asignation will be carried out strictly by order of registration.
The two options for the site visits are the following.

Option I. A Coruña

Review process

What did you do with the manuscripts submitted for ORAL presentation?

All manuscripts submitted for oral presentation have been sent to two independent reviewers who were asked, in addition to the typical comments for authors, to score the papers between 0-100 according to the following criteria:

  • 90-100: If the paper is exceptional and should be proposed as a keynote platform presentation.
  • 80-90: If the paper is very strong and suitable for a standard platform presentation.


Prof. Joan Mata. "Anaerobic co-digestion: A review of achievements and perspectives"

Wednesday 26th, 09:30-10:00h


The conference will cover traditional topics concerning Anaerobic Digestion together with more innovative themes with the aim of attracting experts in different fields of knowledge from all over the world. With this wide perspective, the topics covered by the conference will include:

  • AD as a core technology. Biorefinery
  • Decentralised Systems
  • Modelling and Control
  • Agronomic use of digestate
  • Biodegradation of organic and inorganic persistent pollutants
  • Bioelectrochemical Systems


Prof. Willy Verstraete. "Anaerobic Digestion: about Beauty and Consolation"

Welcome plenary. Tuesday 25th, 18:15-19:00


Scientific Programme

Final Scientific Programme

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Social events

Social events

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