Review process

What did you do with the manuscripts submitted for ORAL presentation?

All manuscripts submitted for oral presentation have been sent to two independent reviewers who were asked, in addition to the typical comments for authors, to score the papers between 0-100 according to the following criteria:

  • 90-100: If the paper is exceptional and should be proposed as a keynote platform presentation.
  • 80-90: If the paper is very strong and suitable for a standard platform presentation.
  • 70-80: If the paper is strong and suitable for a short platform presentation slot.
  • 60-70: If the paper is good but falls short for platform presentation, invite for poster.
  • 50-60: If the paper is acceptable but only as a poster, in no case for oral presentation.
  • 0-50: If the paper is not suitable as scientific communication for this conference.

How did you select the reviewers to be assigned for each manuscript submitted for oral presentation?

All manuscripts submitted for oral presentation have indicated one or more topics. AD13 reviewer team have also indicated their topics of expertise. An algorithm for manuscript to reviewer allocation was developed (ACRA) and run in Matlab to allocate the reviewers according to the following criteria:

  • Topics affinity between manuscript and reviewer.
  • Availability of reviewers in specific topics.
  • Geographical exclusion of manuscripts and reviewers from the same country.
  • A random components if equal affinity & availability.

The ACRA algorithm proposed the review allocations in three batches as more reviewers became available. Above 95% of the proposed reviewers accepted the manuscripts and conducted the reviews. A small number of reviewers were rejected for technical or conflict of interest reasons and those were allocated either through the ACRA algorithm next run or manually through the IWA EM system. All the peer review allocations has been kept anonymous and confidential within the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee Chairs only.

How will you make the decision about each submitted manuscript?

The Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee Chairs will make the decisions on each submitted manuscript Oral and Poster based on (i) primarily, the scores and feedback received through the peer review process; (ii) complementarity between the specific topics, trying to make the session richer and (iii) to minor extent, to facilitate a wider geographical representation of presenters.