Technical visits

Technical visits. Saturday 29th June 2013. (09.00-14.00h)
These visits are optional and are not included in the registration fees. The cost of each is 30€. If you wish to attend please indicate it on your registration form.
Please consider that each visit is limited to 60 people and that asignation will be carried out strictly by order of registration.
The two options for the site visits are the following.

Option I. A Coruña

  • MSW treatment plant of Nostian (Nostian-A Coruña). Albada-Urbaser


Anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste
Design capacity: 220,000 tons/year
Digesters: 4 x 4,500 m3

  • Waste co-digestion plant (Carballo-A Coruña). Carballo Biometanización


Co-digestion of industrial wastes and sludges from WWTPs
Conservas Calvo and JB Ingenieros
Mesophilic digester: 1,000 m3
Installed electrical power: 191 kW
Maximum treatment capacity: 11,000 tons/year

Option II. Pontevedra

  • Sewage treatment plant of Guillarei (Guillarei-Pontevedra). UTE Aqualia-Civis Global


Co-digestion digester: 3,700 m3
Autotrophic nitrogen removal (ELAN process)
Managing entity: Augas de Galicia (Galician water management)
Operation manager: Juan Pablo Barrio Martín

  • Wastewater treatment plant at fish canning factory (Catoira-Pontevedra). Friscos


Anaerobic SBR (2,000 m3)
Aerobic SBR (2,500 m3)